Ups and downs galore, what with International events such as the endless ramifications of #Brexit, the advent of the new British Prime minister #Boris Johnson, who personally, I like because of his positive attitude, and because he is extremely articulate and well liked by the more forward thinking Brits, as opposed to the “stick on the mud, holier than thou” Jeremy Corbin and his ilk. To me Boris is is a #breath of fresh air for international politics in general, as is Donald Trump in the US.

At home here in good old SA things seem to ramble on pretty much as usual, with rabble rouser #Malema doing his thing and our President being statesmanlike but ineffectual as usual, regarding producing real change in our country that desperately needs a breath of fresh air to flow through it, as is happening in the US and the UK.

#Climate change and global warming are in the forefront of global events, and happily, there seem to be increasing efforts being made to reverse the adverse effects of human greed and the ever present allure of new technology, at the expense of our once beautiful planet. I take my hat off to the American schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who had the guts to speak out about the alarming threat that spells the death of our planet and way of life if immediate global drastic action is not taken to stop this deterioration.

As usual, it seems to be the youth who take the lead in such situations and I hope that Greta Thunberg’s courageous actions will inspire a groundswell that will alert the movers and shakers amongst world leaders and organisations such as the UN to DO SOMETHING!

In closing, Brenda and I at Busy Bee Editing wish to sincerely thank the students and graduates who have made use of our services for proofreading and editing their theses. Good luck to all our customers in 2020!

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