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Busy Bee Editing’s One Stop Shop

All writers, business owners, graduates and students please note! Busy Bee Editing is now offering not only proofreading and editing, but also an excellent graphic design service, a full-on website design service at extremely competitive rates, and publishing...

#What happened to the 500 Billion Rand?

Before we go about controlling the consequences of the much needed lifting of the ban on alcohol and cigarettes surely the ANC cadres, cabinet ministers civic leaders and the like should be compelled to answer the above question. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? How on earth...
Use your common sense please Mr Ramaphosa

Use your common sense please Mr Ramaphosa

We will not survive as a nation if you don’t take the plunge to level 2. Yes! the hospitals will be put under pressure again, but we have to walk the tightrope between opening up the economy and fighting an increase in infections. Give the hospitals and the...
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