Who is running South Africa right now?

We have seen very little of President Ramaphosa since the Phase 1 Zondo Commission report was released. No wonder as it seems that criminality is on the rise far faster than anyone expected. If I were president, I would also be hiding! For example: In Belfast KZN,...

Useful Guidelines in English Usage

English like many other languages, is constantly changing and Busy Bee Editing has to keep pace with such changes. Nevertheless, certain modes of usage, although often ignored by professors and authoritative experts in many fields, including scientists, journalists,...
Why were the Houses of Parliament Torched?

Why were the Houses of Parliament Torched?

We, as South African citizens must ask questions and make conclusions based on the following facts: Isn’t it thought provoking that after the July riots very little was done to prevent such uprisings/sedition/assaults on law and order/treason (call it what you...
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