If ever there was a moment for South Africans to take stock of events and make the right decision it is now – 6 days to go to decide the future of our country.

Take race and political promises out of it and decide whether you want to live in a country where it’s every man/woman for him/herself or where we all work together as South Africans to repair the damage done and forge a new and brighter future for ourselves. T-shirts, slogans, dancing etc are all good, but are worth nothing without service delivery, fairness and capable leadership.

There have been watershed moments before wherein we waved the national flag proudly and were celebrated worldwide for our magnificent achievements! – The dawn of the New South Africa – A DEMOCRATIC MIRACLE, the Rainbow Nation, The Rugby World Cup, hosting the Soccer World Cup. Our Judicial system is one of the best in the world. Our constitution is widely hailed as top notch. Our sporting achievements are legendary! Are we going to continue on a tragic downward spiral into growing poverty, unemployment, mismanagement and suffering or are we going to take a good hard look and make the right decision for ourselves, our families and once again experience the euphoria of knowing we have the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

Don’t listen to the empty promises. Look at the track records. Decide what party is most likely to deliver A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL?

Take the political, racist, every man for himself” blinkers off and decide. Its not up to the politicians to decide where we should put our crosses.

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