The depths of ignorance, selfishness and downright stupidity in our society and around the world amazes me more and more every day! If you really believe that vaccination is a bad idea; then I have a huge question to ask you: are you so self-centered and dumb as to believe in the fake news about vaccination in general and Covid 19 in particular that you are prepared to expose your grandmother, children, friends, your wife and yourself to the ravages of Covid 19 in the emergency ward, fighting for breath, while dying in front of you from Covid or its complications.

If you answer “yes,” then I would eagerly occupy a ringside seat to watch YOU undergo that fate. You don’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

Holding such a view makes believing that 5G causes Cancer, Global warming does not exist, or that The Illuminati are taking over the world pale into insignificance in the face of such naivete.

If you don’t believe in vaccination then you might as well join the ranks of those who believe that the earth was or is flat or that invisible GENIES are flying around us or circulating in our bloodstreams and dictating how we live.

So-what if you are at risk for certain side effects when you have your second Covid jab. If that happens then it just proves that the vaccine is doing its job by increasing the number of anti-bodies in your body; thus protecting you and your family and friends from the virus, going forward.

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