Because I wanted to investigate the possibility of buying a used motor home to use for local travel and glamping for short breaks to ‘recharge our batteries’ I contacted a prominent company that specialises in the sale of such vehicles and was amazed when I received their answer to my query.


I thought about this man’s answer to my question for a while and then realised that it was quite logical for the following reasons:

People who do not have overriding connections such as family connections or a ‘bricks and mortar’ business are taking to the road envisaging a vastly improved quality of life by travelling and living in an r.v. because:

They are sick and tired of having their electricity turned off without warning; thus risking damage to their laptops, fridges, stoves, the possible loss of their business due to lockdowns caused by loadshedding caused by incompetent technicians who are either just plain useless or whose superiors have no money to fix ageing infrastructure. You all know who I’m talking about!

In a motor home they have a big fat battery on board that will take care of all their power needs WHICH THEY OWN! and thus, they don’t have to ask the national power utility why the lights are not on.

They don’t even want to turn on the TV news any more because all they will see are: LIES, LIES and MORE LIES about how the government is miraculously going to fix all their problems if they vote for them in the municipal elections and they know from experience that all those marvellous promises will blow away like a puff of smoke when the voting is over.

They know full well that many local municipalities are completely powerless to change the status quo in their areas because of greed, a watering down of authority from central government, due to poor regulation, and above all a lack of local municipal funding so NOTHING WILL CHANGE IN THEIR AREA; the potholes will remain, sewage won’t be collected and houses will only be built for the select few who have government connections or money to bribe officials and so on …

The other thing is that in the time of Covid, people all over the world as well as in our country, many families who are tuned into the benefits of doing business using social media and who were forced to stay at home and operate their businesses from there; and, as a result, instead of suffering during the economic downturn caused by Covid have surprisingly prospered in this time.

The problem we, as a family, have had to deal with is that the banks are so antiquated and out of touch with what is going on, that they flatly refuse to give bonds to people with entrepeneurial businesses; no matter how financially solid and debt free they are and even showing impressive growth: and the reasons: SELF EMPLOYED AND NOT HAVING UP TO R100 000 CASH DEPOSITS.

These banks should be going on hands and knees to such entrepeneurial business owners who unlike many other businesses or salary earners in the last two years, instead of folding their tents and asking the banks for financial relief – thus causing more debt; were in a position to offer vitally needed jobs – How insane is that? Banks – YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!

People are starting to realise that it is useless to own property in South Africa because property values can only go down, due to the proliferation of poverty stricken townships and the resultant escalation of crime and unemployment in the area – SO WHY OWN LAND?

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