The latest move by Julius Malema of the EFF; the “tea party” with EX-president Zuma highlights a trend for the younger radical element in SA to manipulate the media hype; particularly social media, to create a buzz about what Malema calls “The Revolution”.

I don’t for a moment believe that Malema is about to “get into bed” with Zuma as they are both opinionated, arrogant career politicians with strong ambitions, who appeal to the youth because of their radical views. I believe that they are both far too conscious of their own importance to consider a formal alliance, even though it is clear that both of these parties are growing in popularity and becoming richer – as is evidenced by Malema’s helicopter and the fleet of luxury cars forming his entourage to the “Tea Party”.

Nevertheless, I think that a loose alliance is not too far-fetched to imagine; especially in light of the ANC’s huge advantage of keeping the rural area and township dwellers ” under the boot” of the ANC; as that huge chunk of the electorate is so dependent on social grants for their survival.

If the BFLF party joins them and the whole radical grouping, even perhaps including Cosatu; bands together and forms an alliance , they could conceivably challenge the ANC’s dominance in the next election, and transform the lives of our toothless poor majority, thus making them a force for good and economic growth in our country.

The big question then is: will South Africa be better off being governed by this type of radical alliance, spearheaded by the youth’s demand for timeous change or should we rather continue to believe that some form of more equitable leadership will emerge from the chaotic state of self-serving governance that is being perpetrated on us by the ANC, under Ramaphosa’s non-leadership, under the “guidance” (HA HA) of the so-called :”Top 6″?

Perhaps the SONA tomorrow will shed more light on the ANC’s intentions. They sure as hell need to do something to restore their followers’ support for the ruling party’s ability to lift the country “out of the sinkhole” it is in at present.

My gut feeling is telling me that the so-called “revolution”, provided that it reflects various parties and processes, including township dwellers and citizens in the rural areas, would be a better bet for governing of our country than the prevailing totalitarian regime that rules us now.

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