Of course you guys are watching movies and series, playing TV games in this lockdown time; and of course you are all #bored out of your skull! – but maybe you should also think about taking advantage of this time to get on top of your thesis, and to help you with this – GRAB HOLD OF OUR #5 CENTS A WORD CORONA LOCKDOWN OFFER! TO GET YOUR THESIS DONE AND DUSTED

Clearly, this worldwide move towards a phased return to #the new normal will have to be approached extremely carefully. There have already been several cases where countries have experienced a resurgence of infections after lifting restrictions TOO FAST! This dreadful pandemic is still far from over; but if we keep our heads and follow the expert’s guideline – we will be okay!

#Wear your masks when you are close to other people (6 feet apart) or in congested public places – China has been doing this for years – and IT WORKS!

Stay at home, as much as you can.

Slowly, slowly! We will be able to go to the beach again, swim in a pool, catch a fish, hug a friend or family member, enjoy a meal in a restaurant, watch sports in a stadium ( this one will take a while but will happen eventually)

I love the beach, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, so I’m holding thumbs for the next few weeks.

There are clear signs all over, that countries are more or less following the same pattern; a steep slope of infections, followed by a plateau. In the plateau, there seems to be a slowdown in infections, as well as an increase in deaths, as those critical, vulnerable people fight for their lives, with the help of those heroic doctors, nurses, orderlies etc.. However, once this plateau stage is over, there is usually a steep drop; during which time the authorities can start planning relief measures of reducing the lockdown.

Nevertheless, the after effects of the pandemic will go on for a long time. our lives will be changed forever, but at least we will be able to return to a semblance of normal life.

I can’t wait for that. Remember – There’s life after Corona!

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