We are back in our century old cottage in Napier with its two foot thick walls, reed ceilings, rough walls, ancient wooden beams and the converted feeding trough in our dining room, which still has the metal ring where they used to tie the animals up to feed.

after seven months of howling winds, constant dirt everywhere, living on a slope, coping with spiders and no separate bathroom, we decided that we’d had enough! contacted our previous landlord in Napier, and she welcomed us back with open arms. We are now permanently cured of farm life. It’s a bit too isolated and raw for us; not to mention the dangers facing farmers these days.

We now have the best of both worlds. We are living in a village in a farming environment and yet we have the convenience of a small mall five minutes away, with a great supermarket!

There are no potholes or non-graded dirt roads. You only notice the pleasure of driving on a decent tarred road when you don’t have it. There is wind in the Overberg, but it’s nothing like in the Eastern Cape.

The people are so friendly; smiles everywhere!

Lots of “great restaurants and pubs.

We are twenty minutes away from “three different beaches.

We don’t have to climb a steep slope to get from our car to our cottage.

It’s relatively safe, as there is only one road linking Caledon with Napier, Struisbaai and Cape Agulhas and #the security services are Fantastic! If your home alarm goes off, the security guys arrive in five minutes or less. I just hope that that that situation doesn’t change as the Overberg gets busier and more built-up.

Best wishes once again to all our friends and clients for a #happy, safe and prosperous 2020.

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