The US president is painting himself into a corner. In his own words hehas now described himself as the “law and order president”. At a time when his own country and the rest of the world is already suffering from the poor leadership of America, the self-styled “greatest country in the world”, as well as the general devastation caused by Corona Virus, Trump has played right into the hands of the protestors by stoking the fires of violence and general counter-authoritarianism and disrespect for law and order. He is very effectively making George Floyd into a martyr against racism and injustice against black people.

The black community throughout the US, is rising up in protest against the climate of racial intolerance, violence and discrimination that has prevailed for hundreds of years – and this time they mean business!

They are organised, moving between swiftly between different areas and states, technologically adept and equipped; and unfortunately supported by a bunch of criminals, drug-fuelled sham activists and vandals, bent on destruction, violence and looting. and general chaos.

The American president has incredibly stupidly, not only threatened to use the armed forces to put down the protestors, but has compounded his error by showing the enormous hypocrisy of creating his own photo opportunity by standing in front of the so-called “Presidents Church” St John’s Apiscopal, without asking permission from church leaders; not to pray or show sympathy for Floyd’s family or in any attempt to calm down the national catastrophe, but instead; “Trumpeted his own self importance as usual; presenting himself as a supporter of “peaceful protest” and holding up a bible, to project an image of himself as God fearing. What’s more, he walked over to church,surrounded by a phalanx of supporters and officialdom, as well as police, who are viciously attacking protestors with teargas, rubber bullets and batons.

I am certainly not going to predict how this will all end, but am sure of two things. Firstly that this is not going to end soon and secondly, that these moves by Trump are not improving his chances of garnering support for his ongoing campaign to be elected for another term as president; unless of course the voters actually want a police state?

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