One thing about #Mr Trump is that he is an expert at fomenting controversity. He is never out of the public eye. He uses sensationalism and controversy as tools to achieve his aims; and these aims just happen to be what’s best for the good of the US , as well as the rest of the world ( just my opinion! You don’t have to agree, and those in opposition to this view are many and varied).

On this point, I do believe that America is one of the foremost advocates for freedom of speech and democracy. Unfortunately for some, it also goes hand in hand with Capitalism. America continues to prosper economically and its military forces are the best bet for keeping the enemies of the western way of life at bay. Whether you like it or not, #Capitalism produces prosperity!

Unfortunate also for some, is the fact that financial success also requires one to have an exceptional level of intelligence, an ability to strategise and an almost fanatical desire to succeed.

The one thing about Trump’s views and actions that I don’t agree with is his stand on #global warming. He seems to be blind to the fact that rampant #capitalism has to be counter-balanced by concern for the environment. I can only hope that his stance on this subject is just a strategy that will change when he realises that global warming caused by #carbon emissions, as well as pollution of our environment will sooner, rather than late, bring about total destruction of our once beautiful planet – and money alone won’t solve that one!

As regards the #democrat’s attempts to remove Trump from office, I hope they don’t succeed as I really don’t believe that having the Democratic Party in power will solve anything. #Politics is a dirty business and I don’t think the democrats are any exception. ‘Better the devil you know … etc.

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