First it was Covid that started in March 2020; but by all accounts Covid originated quite a long time before the actual breakout of the virus; then in July 2021 there was a riot, looting destruction of property and buildings in major metros which bombshell was ignited by Jacob Zuma’s imprisonment. It has become increasingly obvious that this was an extremely well-planned attempt to incite rioting; that had to have been planned and prepared for many months before the riots occurred. The financial destruction, loss of lives, loss of businesses, property and livelihoods will continue to blight the lives of many in our country and the after-effects will continue to be felt for years to come.

In recent months; it has become increasingly obvious that sabotage is on the rise in our country and that it is not merely being caused by the dreadful increases in hunger, unemployment and disease in the townships – although this played right into the hands of the perpetrators of these disasters.

Now, STOP PRESS! Lethaba power station has just been crippled by a pylon falling on the power infrastructure and impacting the supply of coal. There is to my mind clear evidence of sabotage here, and it’s not the first time that power stations have been sabotaged in this way. There have been hundreds of such incidents. Stringent effective policing of power stations premises and swift action against the perpetrators will go a long way towards keeping the lights on and saving the huge amounts of money that have hitherto been lost, due to such criminality.

I cannot point a finger at anyone and say that they are responsible for such multiple destructions being perpetrated on our country. as clearly the forces of law and order are investigating these matters as we speak; but I can’t help thinking that Bheki Cele’s suspicions that there is a “mastermind” or group of saboteurs at work in our once beautiful country are justified. Whoever the fiend or fiends behind all this are, we can only hope that they will be caught, unmasked and jailed soon. Also, I can’t help but suspect that the underlying motive for such disasters is political.

The other thing that stands out for me and many others, I am sure is that there are many wealthy and powerful people in our country who do not stand to benefit when the many ills that beset our country are corrected and we get back onto track with a truly democratic dispensation and a concomitant and much needed economic revival. Although the results of the municipal elections now signal a new reality in the way things are run at ground level and that hopefully, there will hopefully be significant improvement in service delivery in the townships and elsewhere; it is clear that there will be much in-fighting between coalition partners.

Irrespective of the situation in the municipalities, the central ANC government will still be remain in control from Luthuli House and will continue to maintain their stronghold over the country. However, there are strong signals that their ability to do this is slowly but surely being nibbled away – due to several key problems”

  1. Power outages are continuing – without power the country will continue to go backwards.
  2. The sabotage if not controlled and if the perpetrators are not arrested, jailed and seen to be punished severely, will cripple the economy.
  3. South Africa’s economy will continue to decline, the debt burden will continue to rise, and consequently our access to international loans will continue to become more and more expensive.
  4. Criminal activity will grow as hitherto responsible citizens will turn to crime, simply to survive and criminal syndicates will become more and more powerful.
  5. It will become more and more obvious that as long as the ANC remains in government that the country will continue to go backwards. As a result, there will probably be more and more attempts to destroy everything we have as a country; we will have more and more insurrections such as what happened in July 2021.


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