Quick Fire Business Service

Our #Quick Fire Business Service is going great. In today's fast moving world, things are changing "big Time!". Take advantage of our fast turn-around time on #proofreading, editing, minutes of meetings and typesetting services - One to two hours only for you to...

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Why Choose Busy Bee Editing?

We are a two-person team so everything is checked twice to eliminate errors completelyWe are extremely competitive - price - wiseWe pay attention to detailWe have a very fast turn-around timeWe are contracted to two major overseas publishersWe are sensitive to...

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Cheaper is not always better

Graduates and students. I know. Money is often tight when you are studying. I was a student too! However, don't be fooled by an ultra-cheap proofreading deal. It could cost more in the long run. NB - the proofreader may only do half the job. In addition to the normal...

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Easter is knocking at our door

Hello and greetings to our loyal students, customers and friends. Can you believe it! We have survived 5 days of no water at our place in Margate. Not funny! I had to visit the water tanker twice, standing in the hot sun, just to get water. You only know what a...

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“English as She is Spoke”

This is a joke isn't it? - 'Surely! No one speaks English that badly,; you say. You would be surprised at how many mistakes are made and published and distributed in books by well-known authors, making large incomes, publishers, booksellers, streamed news messages at...

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+27 (0) 72 244 4363

We work on weekends and public holidays to accommodate you for that rushed or urgent job that needs to be done.

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