#What happened to “Protea Fire?”

Frustration reigns in this lifelong Proteas fan. We seem to have so much talent and depth in the SA cricketing pool. The spirit and strength of Proteas' supporters is unbelievable and yet we seem to have lost the spark and the "guts' to get over the line. I mean...

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#Professionalism is the key

Beware of 'chancers" in the business of proofreading and editing. There are plenty of so-called proofreaders. marketing themselves in all sorts of innovative ways, such as free samples of their work, offering to proofread a section of their work at no charge and all...

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#Grassroots Uber Alles

I can't and shouldn't present myself as any kind of oracle or soothsayer for what's going to happen in our beautiful country of South Africa. However, being a loyal South African and an avid observer of news reports, particularly those that we are bombarded with daily...

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#Where To Now South Africa?

(or are we the laughing stock of the world - patting ourselves on the back???/ Ha Ha Ha.) The much vaunted election is over. Uncounted ballot boxes are popping up in various places?? How is that possible? I ask in wonder. The international community seems to think the...

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Quick Fire Business Service

Our #Quick Fire Business Service is going great. In today's fast moving world, things are changing "big Time!". Take advantage of our fast turn-around time on #proofreading, editing, minutes of meetings and typesetting services - One to two hours only for you to...

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