These two world ‘leaders’; although they they both are very short on leadership skills, are very successfully stoking the fires of so-called ‘fake news” The supreme irony of this is that Trump himself not only coined the phrase ‘fake news’ (I think it was him), has consistently attacked the media for producing fake news. Now the two leaders are cozying up to each other like great pals and causing massive confusion around the world amidst one of the greatest crises in history, as if it were all a great joke.

The disturbing fact about all this is that real leadership is required here. Corona hot spots are popping up all over the place; particularly in the southern states of America, Brazil, South africa and in many other areas, which to my mind, are an alarming indication that, despite Trump’s eternally optimistic outlook (which I suspect is nothing more than political posturing to attempt to better his chances of re-election), the possibility of a massive resurgence of the pandemic worldwide is a very real threat.

I also can’t help thinking that these spikes in infections are still mainly caused by irresponsible behaviour by citizens who blithely go about their normal lives, laughing-off the threat while blathering, on saying things like: “it will all blow over when the weather improves” or “if it’s my turn to go then so be it” (strap him up to a ventilator while he’s fighting to breathe and see how quickly he will change his tune then!), “if Trump doesn’t wear a mask then why should I? and other such nonsense – and Trump is cheering them on!

To change the subject; can’t these idiots see that, starting with the George Floyd death, it is becoming glaringly obvious that there is a massive movement amongst people of all races, creeds and nations, particularly amongst young people and the “have nots”, that there is a need for change in the way we all live.

I have huge admiration for the teenage phenomenon Greta Thunberg who, even at the tender age of 17, can see clearly that attitudes towards the destruction of our planet, caused by global warming, the continuing over-use of fossil fuels, the destruction of natural habitats and the wasteful and destructive dumping of garbage are threatening our very existence as a species.

The one bit of good news is that Trump is rapidly digging his own grave regarding the November elections – if the polls are anything to go by.

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