Wow! The final hours of the BRICS CONFERENCE were quite a revelation.

Some world leaders must have been shocked out of their socks by the dramatic decisions that were taken in recent days at BRICS.

Off the top of my head right now – here are a few highlights:

*The US dollar appears to have lost its position as the dominant currency in the world; at least for the time being, if not for the foreseeable future.

*The US has for a long time been occupying an extremely overbearing position having the power to control economies and many countries’ policies, using THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, ITS MILITARY MIGHT (which has recently become a lot more doubtful – are they really running out of ammo?) and TRADE SANCTIONS, to impose America’s will on the so-called democratic world leaders.

*Among the new member countries that have just been accepted into BRICS are three countries – Iran, the UAE and Saudi Arabia that collectively own 80% of the world’s oil resources.

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These recent events provide much food for thought and speculation. I have to wonder whether BRICS is really a big deal that will affect global events or is it all just a fuss about nothing – a ‘Storm in a teacup’, whereby BRICS members; particularly the new members, are merely trying to use BRICS as a platform to pursue their own agendas with the help of BRICS; or could it be a serious move by an organisation that is trying to shake-up the countries that hold real power in the world such as Russia, and China; and to use the clout of the major oil producers such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia and Iran to shift power; with perhaps even world domination prospects – towards BRICS.

Coming back to South Africa, it seems that the multiparty coalition with written commitment from its members is also stirring the pot quite a lot. As a result of the conference, a burgeoning sentiment among many South Africans seems to indicate that they are so fed up with the ANC that they are now starting to realise that a ray of light has appeared on the horizon, giving some hope that the multiplicity of political parties and citizens are prepared to hammer out their differences, move away from obsession with race and greed for grabbing whatever they can get their hands on; and instead work towards a united vision that will work for all.

The other thing that hopefully, will start to happen soon is that the youth; who everyone with more than one brain cell knows represents our future as a country, will realise that becoming educated, and making the most of their talent, skills and creativity is far better than hanging around waiting for handouts or breaking and stealing.

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It has become crystal clear in recent times that; Neither the ANC cadres nor the EFF members and their cronies give a damn about what happens to the youth or the poorer people in our country.

Instead of partying in stadiums singing and chanting slogans such as “Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer,” or burning buildings, hijacking vehicles or burning down the very buildings that can give them the opportunity to get a REAL EDUCATION (not buying a piece of paper that fraudulently shows that they have a degree), and learning skills that can give them the life they want.

South Africa is one of the most unregulated societies in the world today so there are ample opportunities for the youth to use their initiative and show everyone else how entrepenueurial activities can transform our country.

The other event that is equally significant is that Russia’s president Putin has just announced that BRICS will under no circumstances allow THE WEST; (meaning countries such as the US, the UK and their allies), who form part of the bloc that persistently tries to maintain their domination over the rest of the world; which hitherto used the US dollar as a reserve currency as a tool to preserve what they call democratic principles) – to become members of the BRICS group.

One thing for sure is that the next ten months will not be boring!

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