I was certainly not a fan of the late Eugene Terreblanche, head of the infamous AWB, who in 1994, on his white horse stormed through the glass doors at the conference centre in Bophuthatswana at the time; but perhaps to stop the wholesale destruction of our once beautiful country by the ANC MORONS!!, this might be the only way to take South Africa back for ALL ITS PEOPLE!, irrespective of race, or cultural persuasion. All Hail the reborn AWB!!

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Never mind a cabinet reshuffle. That sounds like another typical example of Ramaphosa’s continuing attempts to distract public attention from the real risks facing our country, such as the power crisis; major criminal mastermind heads of syndicates having meetings with law and enforcement leaders; trying to find new ways to steal from ordinary South Africans.

The NEC resolutions are a joke! Extending the R350.00 grant indefinitely will help large numbers of indigent people to survive but its long term effect will merely be to keep people with virtually no income in poverty, which is exactly what the ANC wants – keeping presently unproductive people in poverty and stifling growth in township areas; thus continuing their Communist style strategy to keep the poor quiet and compliant at a low cost – and allow the ANC Commie corrupters to continue stealing from the rest of us.

By the way; What is a poor family supposed to do with R350-00/ a month? Buy a bag of mealie meal – maybe?

In the meantime, Ramaphosa makes more visits with his begging bowl to European countries with fanciful promises about maintaining a green economy. HA, HA, Ha!

There is no way in hell that South African can move away from coal as the main source of power. There is potential for gradually increasing alternative sources of energy, over the long term; but it seems to me that this is just Cyril’s way of ‘sucking-up’ to his European buddies to get more funding. out of them. What needs to be done is to change the power sources into non-corrupt institutions that are not vulnerable to sabotage or theft, so this critical energy issue can be solved ASAP; so the economy can recover from the after-effects of Covid and develop REAL GROWTH AGAIN.

Additionally, BIG BUSINESS must stop collaborating withe the ANC; thus aiding and abetting corruption in major institutions and businesses. Only then, when the government works productively; hand – in – hand with Big Business, without being poisoned by corruption, will we be able to move forward as a country.

Just for fun, let’s face a real fact; not the usual propaganda we are usually served-up; I am sure that if you dig deeply enough into what financial resources are keeping our country going, you will discover that large chunks of our financial, commercial, power production resources etc are already owned by the Chinese; well, they can hardly be worse than the schmucks we already have; so watch out people; the commies are already taking over!

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Fat Cat fare

Putting a few soldiers around a couple of power stations is not going to stop the sabotage of the power utilities Our power grid is the beating heart of our nation. Stop trying to put a band aid on the problem. START MAKING ARRESTS OF CORRUPT CADRES AND PUT THEM IN JAIL!

It seems like the Zondo Commission was just the ANC playing “dress-up” in a fake attempt to uncover State Capture; with no genuine intention to convict cadres for their crimes. WHY AREN’T THOSE WHO ARE CLEARLY GUILTY IN JAIL? Another waste of taxpayers’ money and time!

What’s needed is AN IMMEDIATE REFERENDUM TO ELECT A NEW LEADER TO LEAD OUR FRACTURED COUNTRY INTO A PERIOD OF REAL REFORM TO PUT THE POWER BACK INTO THE HANDS OF A LEADER WHO HAS THE CHARISMA TO STOP THE ROT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! – instead of feeble attempts by our moronic president who continues to pursue an agenda to present the ANC in a better light. It’s too late for that.

It seems to me that; with the burgeoning unrest, theft of assets, increasing violence against women, increasing isolation from more advanced countries in the world, continuing rising crime levels, major industries cutting back on production, continual squabbling between parties opposed to the ANC, and the overarching threat of the collapsing energy structure in our country; that there is a steadily widening rift between the ANC cadres, including the president, that citizens of our once beautiful country and the various opposition factions that wish to see the ANC gone; that some kind of uprising by such factions against the ANC government will happen, sooner or later.

Therefore, although this will probably not take the form of a civil war – Heaven Forbid! it may become necessary for non-ANC supporters to take refuge and protect their families and friends against disruption of normal life; in what can only be described as laagers on farms etc. until the chaos subsides.

We, as citizens, are already being forced to go off the grid by buying generators; batteries, rainwater tanks etc; so, it is only a matter of time before we will have to start buying and storing canned food, and essentials to shops and supermarkets, medical supplies, etc. as delivery to shops and supermarkets start to dwindle in the face of increasing crime, riots etc. July 2021 gave us a clear warning of what happens when the poorer members of our society get desperate – and the pathetic attempts to restore order by police and army – WHAT ARMY? failed to stop the rioting, and simply watched it happen!

It seems to me that leaving the country in the hands of the ANC Top 7 or just shuffling these people around is a sure recipe for a continuing slide into oblivion.

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