In these turbulent times in South Africa, with seemingly no control over law and order in our country, less food on the supermarket shelves,. potholes everywhere, businesses failing due to the after-effects of Covid and the energy crisis, increasing threats against our women and children, no effective government to speak of and a president in name only; it is no wonder that we all feel threatened.

Empty shelves in a supermarket


There are some bright spots!

It was truly astounding to see how the police and the army rallied and took control to nip Julia arse M’s threat to remove the ANC and its president failed utterly and turned out to be a complete DAMP SQUIB! I wonder who was behind that put down? Somebody either in the ANC (doubtful) or elsewhere must have taken over the reigns to firmly control M’s pathetic rabble. That shows clearly that what happened in July 2021, where shops, shopping centres and even factories were looted and/or set on fire, while police looked on without lifting a finger was not the case on Monday. THE CAPABILITY TO MAINTAIN LAW AND ORDER IS THERE!

Perhaps the EFF have done us all a favour by highlighting the fact that even amid today’s chaos in South Africa, unbridled lawlessness and insurrection by lunatics such as those who took to the streets on Monday will not be tolerated.

The point is that right minded people who are not blinded by greed, a luxury lifestyle and lust for power and simply want to live a normal life, earn a living and protect their families must protect this country that was built decades ago by our forbears who made sacrifices to ensure the future – MUST NOW STAND TOGETHER AND PROTECT WHAT WE HAVE BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE.

Faith Hope Charity (1874) by Currier

The other point to be made here is that the young people in our country need to make their voices heard above all the noise and confusion spread by self serving politicians, civic authorities and the like, who have their HANDS IN THE TILL and speak up for those who simply want our old South Africa back and simply want to live a normal life.

Therefore – YOUNG PEOPLE! DON’T LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR GOALS. It’s your life to live, … Don’t be distracted by all the noise going on around you! Improve your education. Get your degree. Start your own business. South Africa today holds boundless opportunities for you to start an entrepeneurial business venture without the tons of regulations and red tape that prevail in most democratic countries in the world today. We in South Africa are one of the easiest societies in the world in that respect. Take advantage of that!


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