Attention and greetings to all our students, graduates and authors. We have started a brand new series on Twitter to assist you all in case you need any assistance with English; in the form of very short tips as the main English course is more or less complete. These are tips on everyday usage that we use every day in our proofreading and editing work. To access these tips, just google “proofreading South africa”, open the website on page 1 click on “courses”, and you will find all the tips.

So, here are the first couple of tips:

Never say or write “at this point in time.” The “in time” is unnecessary. It is obvious that you are talking about time; not space or in the future or in the “ice age.”

Don’t say “I am “laying” on the bed . Say I am “lying” on the bed. You are not laying an egg or laying the table for dinner.

It’s with the apostrophe is only used when “it’s is being used as a verb meaning “it is.

e.g. it’s a beautiful day today. In all other cases, drop the apostrophe.

e.g. the kangaroo carried “its” baby in “its” pouch.

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