Busy Bee Editing offers a fantastic rate that is considerably below the average charged by other proofreaders – that is designed especially for you guys who want a professional proofreading and EDITING! service that goes above and beyond the basics, at a great price. Hence we pay special attention to matters such as accurate word selection, clarity of meaning, removal of repetition, syntax and tenses.

Our highly experienced proofreading and editing team goes through your document twice so as to ensure that your thesis or assignment is as good as it can possibly be.

Your thesis will give you the ammunition required to fulfil your dreams and launch you into success in your chosen field. We have assisted many graduates to achieve Cum Laude and other accolades for their theses; whether at Master’s or even Doctorate level.

(To all UCT students, lecturers and their families – our sympathies are with you in this difficult time, with the Cape Town fires.)

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