Brenda and Hugo from Busy Bee Editing would like to extend our appreciation to all of our past and current supporters who enabled us to deliver the best quality English language editing and proofreading for all your assignments, dissertations, theses and books for the past seven years.


We are extremely conscious of the dire need for top-line English standards to be maintained in both the academic as well the business world; with the mind boggling changes taking place, where technological advancement and transformation to digital operating systems are taking the lead in all spheres of endeavour.

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Our lives are changing at dizzying speed as technology tries to keep pace with threats to our very existence in the face of global warming, escalating political and military threats to maintaining world peace, spearheaded by Russia’s attacks on the Ukraine and surrounding countries; as well as multiple threats to health posed by the recurrent appearances of deadly viruses such as Covid-19; which I believe can only be controlled by means of world-wide collaboration between all major powers; irrespective of moral precepts, religion or political persuasion.

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Another subject of extreme importance to humanity as a whole, is maintaining an ecological balance between the preservation of the natural world we occupy and try to protect; and the aspirations of captains of industry who strive to produce what is generally regarded by the middle and upper, wealthier echelons of society as necessities of life such as smart cars, luxurious homes, the latest in technological gadgets; not to mention more exotic items like self-drive cars, 20 bedroom mansions in Beverley Hills, luxury yachts and even space travel for the common man – Ha! Ha! Ha! on that one!


What is more relevant for mere mortals such as you and I is the clear need for everyone who wants to be successful in our fast changing world to master at least a thorough enough knowledge of the English language to impress business colleagues, customers, civic leaders, university lecturers and the like. Hence, here are a few reasons why you should choose Busy Bee Editing as your ‘go to’ service provider for all your English language editing needs:

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  • We are unique in that we provide full-on editing, proofreading and sub-contracted design and preparation services for all types of documents, ranging from business newsletters to books or articles on topics on everything under the sun; including speciality treatment for preparation of e-books; so you can go to your professor, publisher or business manager, secure in the knowledge that your document is 100% ready for publication or distribution, due to our comprehensive ‘One Stop Shop’ facility.
  • As we are a two-person team; both fully committed full-time to Busy Bee Editing’s operation, we guarantee that every document sent to us is proofread twice by language professionals, so the document you receive is perfectly laid-out, ready for printing or distribution via digital means; and that the language is as clear, uncluttered and devoid of errors as it can possibly be.
  • As we employ ‘tracking in all our documents; you, the customer can make any changes you wish to make at will, to suit your individual preferences and needs ,after we have returned your document to you.
  • .We supply you with a proofreading certificate, certifying the work we have done for you.
  • Our testimonials in this website provide comments from satisfied customers that speak volumes and we also provide links to books prepared by Busy Bee that are on Amazon.
  • Our pricing is very competitive, due to the lean operational methodology we adopt in our organisation, operationally; and will remain so across the board, as our main focus is on meeting the needs of students, graduates and post graduate students; followed by our second priority, being assisting fledgling authors to get off the ground at minimal cost to them. Interesting however, is a recent trend, towards a growing incidence of sub-contracted work coming in from small to medium businesses across the country.

I hope that this information will prove useful and that you will contact us for all your proofreading and editing needs; as well as recommend us to your colleagues and friends.

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