As far as I know – car guards are a phenomenon that are prevalent solely in South Africa. Please correct me if you think otherwise. Foreign visitors are bemused as they have not come across such a phenomenon before. The car guards can be annoying when they try to assist you to find a parking space when most of them, I am sure, have never even driven a car. As far as I can see, they are a way of providing a subsistence income for the unemployed. If that is the case then it is a good thing and perhaps might even bring down the #crime rate, which is sorely needed in a country beset by #violence, corruption and political turmoil.

Some of them are courteous and helpful, particularly when you are loaded down with parcels, dogs etc or infirm. We tend to tip the ones we know a bit about; their life circumstances etc. Certainly, I have more sympathy and respect for them than outright beggars. At least they are making an effort to do something to support their families.

Being “down and out” is no joke! Most people have struggled at some time in their lives. The difference lies in one’s reaction to hardship. Do you just give up and accept living in the gutter, and watch your family and your life fall apart, or do you pick yourself up and fight your way back up! I will always empathise and give a helping hand to the latter! “The devil take the hindmost” is often the case as people often have an “I’m all right Jack” attitude and to survive in this life, when adversity hits, we have to Get off our butts, stop complaining and do something about it!

On the positive side – I am sure you have hear stories about courageous people who progressed from being car guards, found a job and “Lo and Behold” became highly successful. I salute them!

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