Graduates and students. I know. Money is often tight when you are studying. I was a student too! However, don’t be fooled by an ultra-cheap proofreading deal. It could cost more in the long run.

NB – the proofreader may only do half the job. In addition to the normal spelling and and grammar checks the #SERVICE they give you should include syntax, clarity of meaning, a smooth flow of language, correcting repetition, over-punctuation etc, checking references for spelling of names, and a good layout to make your thesis or assignment look professional.

It may take too long. Meeting your deadlines is vital.

Don’t pay money up-front! You may never see the corrected thesis if you pay up front.

Do they have a website and do they have testimonials to verify their expertise?

To illustrate all this. Too often we get calls from students and authors who in desperation, call us because the so-called proofreader has completely messed up their thesis. Then they have to pay us to fix the damage. THEY ARE THEN PAYING DOUBLE! – BEWARE. There are lots of :#Skelms” out there!

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