Again, the message is clear! Our government has a huge blind spot when it comes to the township areas in our country.

We need to start fixing the problems in our townships immediately because if we don’t, we will truly become a “banana Republic”; instead of being a nation that is was admired worldwide from 1994 onwards. Our president, instead of addressing forums on all sorts of platforms representing Africa as a whole; such as today’s forum on mental health – should be doing essential housekeeping at home – clearing up the disastrous mess in our townships; not to mention the cost of the airline tickets!

Poverty , squalor, unemployment and Covid 19 infections are killing our people. I have huge sympathy for our township residents who are trapped in this situation. How on earth can the people in the townships have any hope of escape from that trap – without substantial help from the government?

The ATM political party is going to court in a bid to unseat our president with a vote of “no confidence”. Such endeavours are going to become more and more common as the resentment against non-performance by our government and municipalities continues to grow.

If another hard lockdown on alcohol sales is enforced on our country, it will kill our #hospitality industry, and, in the process destroy our tourism income and make us even more of a ‘laughing stock’ than we are already, in the eyes of the world. Focus on the hotspots, the townships, large public gatherings of all types; no matter whether they are funerals, weddings or anything else. Close the #taverns if you have to. The money being spent in taverns should be spent on food! Put the army back into the townships to enforce mask wearing and social distancing and restore law and order. Assist the non-profit organisations financially who are doing an amazing job in trying to help citizens in many ways.

Mr Ramaphosa – Please stop trying to be impress the world with your speeches and talk shops. Actions speak louder than words. Put your own people first!

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