I know that this is stating the obvious, but sometimes you have to keep knocking on the same door for the message to get through. To me, it is very clear that in order to defeat this vicious virus and save lives we have to insist on firm action in the hotspots to stop people from ignoring the rules. Also the sanitary conditions in the townships need to be improved – Fast!

There seems to be a feeling that because we are in level three we have beaten the virus. This is far from the truth. Our hospitals are being overwhelmed. There is not enough PPE for nurses, doctors and patients. We will run out of beds. If we don’t clamp down in the hotspots, we will be in the same situation as there was in Italy, Spain and other hard hit areas. It is like the #Black Plague! Already infections among medical workers are shooting up.

This is not about being racist or elitist. It is about the survival of all South Africans. It is sadly true that the #poor and underprivileged are the most vulnerable. Help them! You have to be cruel to be kind! #Stop this madness of ignoring the virus.

This virus is politically and racially neutral. It has only one agenda – to multiply and to kill people. Everyone is at risk. If you go out of your front door you are at risk! If you go into a supermarket to get food, you are at risk! If you go to a clinic or hospital you are at risk! All ages are at risk! Schoolchildren are at risk!

However, DON’T SHUT DOWN THE WHOLE COUNTRY AGAIN! It won’t work because then the deaths from starvation and riots will be greater than from the virus.

It’s no good referring to provinces as “hot spots.” It’s not the province; it’s the townships surrounding the towns that are “hot” because of poor living conditions. That is where the “enemy” has to be attacked.

Tracking and tracing are vital. We must not “slack off” on this. It is the only way to assess minute to minute threats and subsequent focusing and attacking the “enemy” where it is striking.

If moles have invaded your garden, you have to hit them on the heads, one by one, to stop the infestation. (don’t get me wrong I am a devoted animal lover; but sometimes you have to take action)

Put the army back in the townships. That’s the only way to control the people’s behaviour.

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