There is no doubt that these municipal elections have been an eye opener for everyone who doubts whether democracy can work. The people have spoken. They are totally fed-up with the fake democracy that the ruling party have been serving up to the citizens of our country for the last 27 years. It does not work; has never worked and now; following true democratic principles as envisaged by the late Nelson Mandela; we as a nation have an OPPORTUNITY TO RESTART OUR LONG WALK TO FREEDOM!

The smaller parties; spearheaded by the new kid on the block Action SA have found their voices in no uncertain terms and show significant promise of overturning the status quo and becoming kingmakers in the new coalition environment wherein South Africans will determine their future.

I believe that THE PEOPLE of our country will henceforth be utilizing A HUGE MAGNIFYING GLASS TO EXPOSE CORRUPTION, DISHONESTY AND GREED! The cockroaches who have been stealing the hard earned money from the people will be hauled out into the open and exposed as the thieves and frauds they are. LONG LIVE THE RULE OF LAW!

Hopefully, the totally useless and destructive policies of cadre deployment and BEEEEEEE will die a natural death and be put in the dustbin of history where they belong; and then true talent, intelligence, hard work, leadership and concern for others will emerge as the yardstick that will determine who the new leaders in our democracy are; who will then emerge and start to run the country the way it should be run. IT WILL NO LONGER BE ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW, BUT RATHER ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO!

Hopefully, also the stranglehold that the government has held over the electorate; particularly the occupants of the townships will be loosened, as the councils increase their influence and power. Financial backing from central government will be increased, and the money required for service delivery will actually reach the people on the ground who desperately need it; instead of finding its way into the pockets of corrupt officials.

Hopefully, also, the poorer citizens in the townships will be less financially dependent on government grants for their survival and thus, micro and small businesses will be able to develop towards more profitability, more dignity and a better life for township dwellers.

The people should be encouraged to determine their own future by working hard, using their skills and talents to better themselves; instead of begging for crumbs from the government’s table.

In these various ways, one can only hope that with the shifting of some of the power away from central government, and more towards local government; more of the fruits of the nation’s endeavours and successes will be devolved towards the citizens of our country, thus fostering a climate of less promises, posturing and apologies, and more evidence of concrete results; being more jobs, better living conditions and less corruption; thus creating a fairer, more democratic future for all.

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