Boy Oh Boy! will I and everyone else be glad when this horrifying saga is over and we have something like normality again. It will never be the same again, but at least we will be able to #take our dogs for a walk, visit friends, go back to work etc. To achieve this, we have to start getting serious about poverty in our country!!

The death of loved ones , family and friends is of course devastating!

Hopefully, some good will come out of it all and hopefully we will learn some lessons that will stand us in good stead for the future; a future that will no doubt be greatly changed.

One huge lesson that we as a nation need to take from this is that we are all one nation. We have to stand together as one people, and we have to learn to look after the #huge poverty stricken sector of our nation.

The biggest problem that we and all other third world countries have is poverty. Poverty affects all of us and it is the reason why such pandemics succeed so well. #”Every man for himself” does not work!

Our government and all people in positions of authority in this country have to realise now and for the future, that if we don’t do everything in our power to fix or at least #improve the plight of the poor and unemployed, we #will never advance as a nation and will simply get poorer and poorer.

Why does it take a the biggest threat against since World War Two for people in authority to supply #water tankers, taps and toilets in the townships?

Look after the poverty stricken so they can rise out of their situation and start contributing to economic growth. We as a country have a vast wealth of talent or sitting in their shacks, smoking Nyaope or abusing their compatriots and famiies.

Instead of sitting in your ivory towers complaining put these people to work growing vegetables, building decent housing or installing toilets that aren’t a health hazard; thus changing them from being a problem to being a productive asset.

Any economist worth his or her salt will tell you that self employed people are the engine of growth for our economy. Harness that engine and South Africa will become the greatest envy of the developing world and a model for emerging nations to follow. We emerged from the trap of apartheid in 1994 successfully; (although this is still a work in progress) and we will do it again. There is life after Corona if we continue to do it right!

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