My mind is boggling at the speed of progression of this global pandemic. News reports flood in constantly. It’s hard to keep track. In Spain, bodies are being transported to an ice rink because there’s nowhere else to put them. World leaders are taking rearguard actions such as instituting nationwide #lockdowns to contain the spread of infection. Everybody is behind the curve. The elderly (over 70s), particularly those with pre-existing conditions, are the most at risk. Hospitals are desperately fighting a rearguard action to try and save lives, worldwide. Despite the horrifying death toll worldwide, some world leaders such as Donald Trump have predicted that the economic fallout after the disease has been brought under control will be worse than the effects of the disease itself.

I can’t help thinking that this catastrophe, despite its horrifying nature, has a greater purpose. It is clear to me as well as to many others, I am sure, who are much more qualified to comment on the situation that this epidemic has some profound messages to present to mankind that are more overarching than the pandemic itself: Firstly, all of us need to put aside all our petty personal agendas and concentrate rather on protecting our nearest and dearest, so as many of us as possible, can come out of this catastrophe in one piece and be better able to work more for the common good.

With every catastrophe comes an opportunity for individual and organisations to profit from the situation. Personally I am particularly disturbed at the #PRICE GOUGING that is already taking place, as people and institutions see the pandemic as an opportunity for personal enrichment!

Finally, I would like to say that perhaps the situation is a #WAKE UP CALL for all mankind to realise that this situation, although it will have a devastating effect on people’s and family’s lives will be nothing compared to that of CLIMATE CHANGE CARBON EMISSIONS and DESTRUCTION of the ECO-SYSTEMS if we carry on as we as humans are doing at an ever increasing rate.,

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