Continuing on the theme of confrontation between the US-dominated developed countries and the BRICS developing countries; I was amazed to see CYRIL’S LATEST DUMB MOVE! There seems to be no limit to the extent he will go to to try and pull the wool over his electorate’s eyes, ahead of the 2024 coming national elections.

How can he be so DOF as to think that the Russian President Putin would believe that Ramaphosa could possibly stop the war in Ukraine? – It is patently clear to everyone with half a brain that it suits both Putin and the US to continue the war. Neither of these superpowers want the war to stop! It suits both their agendas to continue; it would also be extremely naive to think that either Putin or DODDERING BIDEN gives a damn how many Ukranian or Russian soldiers lose their lives or families in the process.

The Polish officials put some serious blocks in the way of Squirrel’s enormous cavalcade of luggage and people at the airport; thus delaying their departure from Poland for a day; while they were on their way to Kyiv in the Ukraine. The reason for this betrayal and sabotage attempt against SA’s trip to Kyiv can only be that Poland does not like South Africa’s neutral stance regarding Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine; believing that South Africa should support Ukraine, in solidarity with NATO; as Poland is a member of NATO.

What a mess! Cyril should never have travelled via Poland; knowing of Poland’s allegiance to NATO – ANOTHER DUMB MOVE BY SQUIRREL!

Did Ramaphosa really think that he is regarded as some kind of Elder Statesman who would ride in on his white horse and stop that war? (Shades of the late Eugene Terreblanche on his white horse in Bophuthatswana come to mind) – that mission also failed! South Africa’s and Cyril’s standing in the world at large is extremely low at this moment, due to the country’s tumbling reputation as a FAILED STATE.

He must be smoking something really good to have such illusions of grandeur! GIMME, GIMME I WANT SOME! I urgently need something to lift my mood with such wonderful dreams!

Unfortunately, our official opposition the DA seems to be indulging in equally DOF pipe dreams. Does Alan Winde really think that his posturing about arresting President Putin of Russia for violating his warrant of arrest from the ICC is a good idea? If he has the temerity to even attempt to do that, I, along with many others I, will surely agree that running the risk of Putin coming down on our country like a lethal ton of bricks is a crazy idea.

Russia is not an enemy we want to have at this time; and I am quite sure that Putin; despite the apparent friendly relations he and his government have with the Russian president, will not hesitate to throw Ramaphosa, his criminal cadres and all of us SA citizens under a bus, without the slightest twinge of conscience. Heaven Forbid that we should have to face a barrage of Russian bombs raining down on us.

GET REAL SQUIRREL! You have no right to expose all of us citizens to such a danger. You appear to be so set on presenting your government and party as Good Guys before the election that you will do anything to restore some semblance of appearing to care for your people. CAN’T YOU SEE THAT YOUR DAYS AS PRESIDENT ARE NUMBERED! what with the dollars under the sofa cushions, the energy crisis, your highly dubious past record and the disastrous state of the SA RAND.

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Step down gracefully please; while you still can and take your exotic cattle somewhere else.

ZUMA IS COMING FOR YOU; PROBABLY WITH MALEMA AS HIS SIDEKICK, and you are playing right into their hands with every disastrous decision you make.

I am definitely not a fan of either Zuma or Malema, but at least they are capable of making a decision.

Despite their frequent policy mistakes, the DA has got something right for once; a real victory in getting a court decision preventing the ANC and Ramaphosa in particular, from stopping the release of information regarding cadre deployment. I hope that, going forward, this will force the ANC to go some way towards appointing capable, educated, true leaders to top positions in the ANC hierarchy, as well as lower down; which will benefit the country immensely.

Another interesting sidelight on recent events is an interview that Stephen Sackur did with Julius Malema. On being quizzed on how he would proceed if he were to become President of South Africa, Malema expressed his admiration for the policies of Chinese President Xi Jinping, as well as those of Putin. This seems to indicate that Malema’s agenda of turning South Africa into a socialist state is bringing him closer to the anti-colonial BRICS countries. This seems to me to be a much wiser direction to take than Ramaphosa’s fence-sitting shilly-shilliying stance as a neutral state in respect of the Ukraine; which is getting him and our country absolutely nowhere.

STOP PRESS 21 JUNE 2023. Ramaphosa and his ” Diplomatic Team” – (What a joke!) have now returned all Gung Ho from China, saying that we should take a leaf out of China’s book and run our country the way Xi Jinping is running Russia. Is there no limit to Squirrel’s naivete.

You cannot possibly compare China with its highly successfully communistic regime – a police state where criminals are executed for high treason if they put a foot wrong by breaking the law, where any kind of dissent is ruthlessly put down and where children are thrashed if they fail to go to school, with South Africa’s feeble wishy washy government that allows blatant bribery and corruption to go unpunished, where criminal syndicates operate with impunity and where high – ranking politicians are rewarded for corruption (our sitting minister of justice our disgraced ex-minister of health and the banished Secretary General of the ANC are good examples of that).

The recent decision by SARS to take money out of taxpayers’ bank accounts if they allege that the account holder owes money to SARS is the last in a long line of measures taken by the ANC to get more money from the electorate, to prop-up their failing regime, in order to go forward with disastrous policies such as the NHS, disastrous foreign policy initiatives; all ridiculous attempts to impress the electorate before the election, stop the rapid deterioration of the Squirrel’s reputation, and stop the slide in the country before inevitable descent into a Zimbabwe type scenario.

Looks like we’ll all have to follow Squirrels lead and hide our money under our mattresses or in our sofa cushions!

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