Corona Infections; particularly in Gauteng are rising fast! Large numbers of our country’s citizens seem to be so fed -up with the pandemic and the inconvenient effects it has on our lifestyles that they are desperately grasping at straws to get out of the situation we all face. We can’t afford the luxury of “Corona Fatigue” at this point.

Following a rabble-rousing leader like Julius Malema’s crazy instructions to refuse to observe the lifesaving protection measures that the medical experts have mandated; in order to force the authorities to somehow miraculously get the whole country vaccinated immediately, is completely nuts! Even with the best will in the world; and bearing in mind that the fiscus is essentially bankrupt, that is impossible! Malema cannot save the nation. He is just wasting resources and lives, while trying to boost his own socialist agenda.

What Malema is exhorting his followers to do is actually irrelevant, under the circumstances we face. The path we are following; as a nation, in respect of the virus is inexorably leading all of us towards catastrophe. It’s not only Gauteng that is seeing accelerating infections. The numbers in the other provinces are starting to rise also.

So – what can we do?

For a short period – until the infection rate starts to go down. (This is not just a lockdown. We are at war against this virus) – do the following:

BEEF UP THE HOSPITAL SERVICES – so the rapidly increasing number of infectious people can be treated.

BAN ALL GATHERINGS OF MORE THAN TEN PEOPLE – and arrest and lock up offenders who ignore this instruction.

CLOSE ALL THE SCHOOLS AND OTHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. The students and graduates can catch-up later.

GET EVERYONE VACCINATED ASAP. If we have any budget left in this country – spend it on this, as a top priority!

Despite these suggestions; if we as a country have the courage to follow them; we cannot afford a hard lock down now, as happened at level 5 previously. The economy has to continue running. Don’t close the businesses. Country-wide starvation is not the answer!

Stop Press: President Ramaphosa’s latest Adjusted Level Four regulations; particularly the ban on gatherings is right on target and should be applauded! Allowing the economy to continue normally is also essential. Well done on that one! If these regulations had been put in place in March 2019 South Africa would have weathered the Covid storm much more effectively, with far less loss of life and damage to our economy. Unfortunately we had to go through the storm to learn the lessons! Hindsight is always easy.

However I don’t understand why the president and the medical experts are clamping down so hard on alcohol and restaurants. It is common knowledge that alcoholics will simply go into the black market and buy alcohol at much greater cost or will simply make their own! Why cripple the restaurant and tourism industries; thus causing a devastating blow to our economy and the employees of these industries, who will suffer greatly and be more vulnerable to Covid AGAIN?

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