A knee Jerk reaction to the latest Corona wave is a very bad idea.

South African businesses, tourism venues, restaurant owners suppliers of alcoholic beverages, industrial enterprises etc have a great opportunity to boost incomes, save jobs and provide a wonderful push towards helping South Africa’s economy to recover by not clamping down on everything because of a panic reaction towards the Omicron variant. President Ramaphosa, the various health authorities etc should take a deep breath and think before instituting a Draconian response right now.

Fact: 80% of infections are in Gauteng. (probably because of the density of population, the level of activity the high level of incomes, (which leads to large gatherings) and particularly disturbing is the low level of vaccination – AT ONLY 30% – SCARY!

Fact: Not enough people have been vaccinated in South Africa so far. The vaccination programme must continue to be pursued with great vigour because it is our best weapon against this scourge.

Fact: Continue to wear you mask in close proximity to others, social distance, eat healthily and avoid attending large gatherings as much as you can. This Covid monster is far from over. It will probably continue for years – so GET USED TO IT!

If you must have a Rave – make sure that everyone attending has been fully vaccinated. You can still enjoy the Rave – but don’t be stupid about it!

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