Hello and greetings to our loyal students, customers and friends. Can you believe it! We have survived 5 days of no water at our place in Margate. Not funny! I had to visit the water tanker twice, standing in the hot sun, just to get water. You only know what a precious resource this is when you don’t have it! #Load shedding was also thrown into the mix at the same time, just to frustrate us even more, and provide a handy excuse for the municipality’s failure to provide us with water.

#What a cop-out! “The pumps don’t work , because we have no power so we can’t turn the water back on”, #Catch a wake up – people! We are losing revenue in Margate fast because loyal Margate fans are cancelling bookings all over the place because of the shocking service from the MANAGEMENT at the municipality.

#What were all you highly paid officials doing while the water was running down the road from the golf course; drinking tea I suppose! Why would anybody pay large sums of hard earned savings to go on holiday in a place where there is no water? The KZN North Coasters must have rubbed there hands in glee when the disgusted holidaymakers from the South Coast booked with them instead.

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