This is a joke isn’t it? – ‘Surely! No one speaks English that badly,; you say. You would be surprised at how many mistakes are made and published and distributed in books by well-known authors, making large incomes, publishers, booksellers, streamed news messages at the bottom of your TV screen, even movie studios – and the MISTAKES STILL GO THROUGH!. You see them everywhere! in books, on advertising billboards, advertising signs outside shops. The list is endless.

#Graduate professionals who have progressed to become company directors, holding down prestige jobs with huge salaries; speech writers, even priests quoting religious texts make such elementary grammar and spelling mistakes.

It’s understandable if English is your second language that such errors creep in, but having a basic spelling or grammar mistake on a sign that is the first thing that customers see outside your business, before they walk into your shop creates a TERRIBLE image..

Oh well, I suppose I shouldn’t complain as fixing such “blapses” are my bread and butter. Sorry if I have upset anyone with my rant. It’s just that English is such a fantastic language so it’s sad to see it abused.

By the way; Busy Bee Editing operates in ALL AREAS IN SOUTH AFRICA, so no matter where you are, we can help you, professionally!

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