Were and where

were is the past tense for the verb “to be”

Example: I am your best friend (“am” or “are” is the present tense of the verb “to be”)

You “were” my best friend – (this is the past tense of the verb “to be“)

where refers to place

Example 1: Michael, where are you going? (this refers to the place Michael is going to)

Example 2: Peter – Where did you throw the ball? (this refers to the place the ball went.

Different and various

Different refers to instances where a particular person or thing differs from another person in a particular way

Example: a cow is different from a horse because a cow does not have horns.

Various is a much broader term, usually referring to a number of examples or items. English speakers and writers tend to use different far too often, where in most cases various would be better.

Example: There are various types of shark species that attack humans . Here the writer or speaker is referring to a variety of shark species, He is not referring to differences between specific shark species such as fin shapes etc.

That is all for today. Stay safe!

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