Get rid of Clutter in your English!

The more unnecessary words you put into your writing the more it confuses the reader, and the more your writing becomes overly formal and stilted. In real life, people don’t talk like that!

As much as possible, you should try to make your writing as natural and as close to normal speech as possible. Your writing will become cleaner and thus easier to read and people will continue to read, instead of switching over to something else.


“Let us proceed to the beach in a short time.”

Rather just say : “Let’s go to the beach now.”

Filler Words

Cut these out of your writing!

These words are sometimes used to try and impress the reader. They are offensive, boring, and often meaningless for the reader.

Examples: – The words in bold are the filler words.

Actually, he is a liar.

“You will most probably do very well in your exams.

Basically, George is a better player than his brother.

He gave his girlfriend a plant placed in a pot.

Rather just say: “He gave his girlfriend a pot plant.”

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