and, wonderful! we don’t have to carry a fishing rod, even if we have never fished in our lives before, to avoid being locked-up.


As a dedicated beachgoer and someone who enjoys the joys of living just like everyone else, I am keenly aware of the fact that if people get carried away, Corona will come roaring back worse than before and we will lose all that wonderful freedom once again. Please people – Treasure the gifts we have so we don’t have to go back into the HELL OF LOCKDOWN!

Respect the virus. It is our worst enemy ever and it knows no boundaries. Nevertheless, we too have our weapons! All we have to do is to avoid doing the things that the virus loves us to do.

Wear your mask in public place where people gather.

Don’t throw your arms around friends and aquaintances; no matter how strong the urge is driving you to do so. It’s crazy, everyone knows not to do the things that come so naturally to all of us; but for some unknown reason this virus has been sent to to take advantage of such simple, loving behaviours.

Get out in the open air and enjoy the breeze that nature gives us.

Eat healthy food.

Avoid shebeens, crowded pubs, dances etc.

Have a beer or two or a glass of whiskey. It’s your right – but don’t have ten.!

Play Sport. It’s healthy. It brings us together as a nation. If everyone obeys the rules we will be able to sit in a crowded stand and watch our favourite team once again; but we will have to wait a bit longer for that.

If there is any justice in the world at all, the vaccine will work. There will be herd immunity and we will be able to enjoy the relative freedoms we enjoy, as we did before.

Moving on … The ANC the party that is supposed to be running our country is rapidly becoming a huge joke. Today Ace Magashule, the Secretary General of that organisation in full view of the media, when asked a question about ex president Zuma’s blatantly refusing to obey an instruction to appear before the Zondo Commission to give evidence about state capture stated, plain as day, that the journalist SHOULD NOT WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT! the highest court in the land. Magashule supported his Buddy Zuma in his outright defiance of our entire judiciary and legal system. Wow! The soap opera that is South Africa at present just gets better and better. Who Needs Sewende Laan?

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