The economy can’t be fixed without money. The Economy is broke! It is a waste of money and time to make arrests without being able to achieve convictions. Recoup the ill gotten gains of the criminals. Then you can put that money to work to fix the economy, restore jobs and assist the poor to become the real engine for growth they should be. The existing legal system in South Africa is assisting criminals to get away with the enormous levels of theft and fraud that prevail.

It’s no good building new houses at an entry-level price of R799000 or thereabouts. This move does not help the masses of destitute, unemployed or owners of micro-level businesses. It simply allows the miniscule middle class and the rich, approximately 1% upper class in our country, to get richer at the expense of the struggling majority who are doing the real work of maintaining the country.

I was absolutely shocked to see the array of incredibly expensive luxury vehicles that were siezed in the latest raid on the assets of a high ranking alleged criminal; Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Porsches. If the prosecutors of the so-called legal system in our country could sell those without delay, it would pay for a lot of houses, sewage systems and hospital beds.

The latest move in Pretoria, spearheaded by our South African president, is once again putting on an impressive front, aimed at bamboozling the public into believing that he and his wealthy cohorts are benefiting the masses of our country by uplifting them into a glorious utopia of envisaged employment and a beautiful lifestyle to come???

How can a dirt-poor family living in a shack, and selling vegetables to survive pay R8000.00 a month on a bond repayment when her transport cost to get the one working family member to work consumes 60% of her family’s income?

Who are you trying to kid, Mr President? Eyes are being opened right now in our country. The ruling party can no longer shelter the myriad criminals stealing from our citizens.

Clearly the normal systems that are supposed to uphold our so-called democracy are not working. It is now up to the man and woman in the street to protest, protest, go on strike; just as Cosatu is doing today, to get the message through. All power to our our labour unions. Keep doing what you are doing. It is the only thing that works!

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