Turning a blind eye to this crucial problem is financial suicide! The Covid 19 Command Council, headed by President Ramaphosa, is making the biggest mistake, being the latest in the long line of mistakes that have preceded it. Knowing full well that South Africa is already in a dire financial position, we, as a country are now being plunged into a deeper financial crisis, precipitated by the ludicrous decision to ban alcohol in restaurants, while the #tourism industry, as a whole is already crippled and shedding staff in all directions.

Does our president not realise that he is jeopardising the lives of the very people who are the most vulnerable to Covid 19, by obstinately pursuing this course; waiters, chefs, tour guides musicians, actors and the like, many of whom live right in the hotspots? Goodbye Restaurants, Goodbye Tourism! Hello Poverty!

The restaurant and tourism industries are bending over backwards to comply with the regulations to protect the public and staff in restaurants and tourism organisations. How can it be acceptable to have taxis filled to the brim with commuters, but not to allow restaurant patrons to drink a glass of wine in a highly sanitised environment in a restaurant – Completely illogical as usual. The restaurateurs have taken to the streets and the looters are already looting the bottle stores today to protest this madness.

Secondly, how can you ban a group a people from sitting in a game viewing vehicle in the middle of the bush, wearing masks with tons of fresh air, for fear of #Corona infection?

It’s going to take decades to recover from this crisis if we don’t act immediately to correct these grievious errors. You could try listening to Doctor Fauci from the US, for a start.

Get the message Command Councillers! Allegedly, you are being advised by a panel of medical experts and strategists. Why don’t you guys try listening to their advice for a change, instead of making wild guesses, so as to come up with a LOGICAL strategy to fight Covid 19?

The other thing that bugs the hell out of me and thousands of others is why in heaven’s name were the schools reopened in the first place. So what if the learners have to miss one year of school! rather that than put many lives at risk.

I would laugh at this continuing “comedy of errors” if it weren’t so deadly serious, with so many lives being lost every day. Even the US “genius Donald Trump is looking a bit more serious, even going so far as to reverse his previous stance on the wearing of masks. Obviously this is because the US elections are getting closer… Watch this space!

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