I can’t and shouldn’t present myself as any kind of oracle or soothsayer for what’s going to happen in our beautiful country of South Africa. However, being a loyal South African and an avid observer of news reports, particularly those that we are bombarded with daily via social media, internet-based platforms such as News 24 and private ” talk shops”, (I seldom read a newspaper these days – haven’t they got thin!) the prevailing groundswell of public opinion seems to be saying that as a country in general we are heading for trouble. Our government has dropped the reigns, and the horse is bolting! I am not going to go into detail on all the things that are wrong. There are plenty of people handling that already.

But, like D.H. Lawrence said to The Snake, “I have something to expiate” …

The Way Forward

It seems to me that the only way we can fight this deterioration and general apathy is to build a #more entrepeneurial-based economy, from the ground up. Time-honoured institutions such as the security of a good job, a pension that can withstand the ravages of inflation and the ballooning petrol price are no longer cutting it. As a result, numbers of elderly people are turning to entrepeneurial pursuits such as cooking food at home and selling it, “Mom and Pop” taxi services, growing vegetables for sale etc are all resorted to by the elderly in particular, just to put food on the table. Home based businesses are on the rise. The buzzword is: “Find something that you are good at and make a business out of it”. Is this the way to go? I would welcome opinions about this …

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