It’s also a warning of what’s to come. What could be worse than what we as a country are facing right now? – a strong probability of STAGE 8 LOAD SHEDDING, RAMPANT CRIME throughout the country, which is still increasing! GREYLISTING by a prominent worldwide financial watchdog, continual petrol price increases – The list goes on and on; and you as a hardworking citizen who is valiantly fighting to keep the economy going and keep putting food on your family’s table MAY well ask – WHAT WILL THE NEXT DISASTER BE?

Well, the answer is a sobering one.

Many people from the inland metros of the country recently came to the conclusion that the Cape Province, under the stewardship of the DA would be a safe haven to escape to, to enjoy their declining years; hence the huge boom in the prices and building of magnificent seven bedroom and upwards mansions in L’agulhas and similar wealthy resorts in the Cape.

The shocker is; as shown by what is happening at HERMANUS BEACH CLUB is that the local squatter camp is bursting at the seams and some members of that community have connections with owners and holidaymakers in the resort and are causing havoc therein by behaving badly. It has become so bad there that residents fear an onset of infectious diseases in the complex.

Owners who are approaching retirement age and beyond are forced to sell their units for a song because of the criminality in the resort and consequently they are trapped there and do not have the wherewithal to buy a unit in a retirement home.

The conclusional that I have come to is that this type of disaster is likely to continue until such time that the ANC is forced out of power; either due to widespread withdrawal of support across the nation for the party; thus leaving no option but not hold a referendum for a change in government; or through the ballot box.

The logical conclusion to this scenario is that families who are depending on ownership of a coastal property for their retirement funding; if there happens to be a squatter camp in close proximity to their holiday home, are likely to see a developing repeat scenario of what is happening in HERMANUS BEACH CLUB in many other luxury lifestyle coastal areas, with a resultant dramatic drop in property values.

The next sobering question we need to ask ourselves

Coming to the subject of energy management which clearly has a bearing on the power generation disaster, as part of the so-called CABINET RESHUFFLE, it seems ludicrous that President Ramaphosa has appointed Gwede Mantashe as Minister of Energy.

Mantashe, a confirmed communist, and former Head of the SACP recently forced through the resignation of Andre De Ruiter; the only head of ESKOM who showed any sign of integrity, honesty and capability of successfully revealing the corruption and incompetence that has completely destroyed the official energy provider of our country. Mantashe has doggedly opposed the promotion of alternative energy resources. The result of this longstanding fiasco that was and is still destroying not only the energy generation in South Africa but also the economy; is totally due to the mismanagement and greed perpetrated by the ANC.

It seems as if every time there is a new disaster or an increasing threat to our country that the Puppet-In-Chief Ramaphosa having no clue what to do, in desperation appoints a new minister of something … What next? … Are we going to see a Minister of potholes, or a Minister of Embezzlement or a Minister of Pollution? The possibilities are endless …

Where do we go from here? Who knows? – Nobody knows – That’s all we can say.

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