Piet Van Zyl with his merry band of followers is back. Another rip-roaring adventure brought to us by Paul Zunckel. The Cult of the Jackal, a ruthless gang of criminals and human traffickers is intent on sacrificing David’s precious daughter Debi.

‘The sacrificial knife is held high, ready to be plunged into the body of the Royal Priestess’ … Today a new High Priestess will be crowned …

#High adventure amidst the beauty and drama of the African Bush, topped with a good splash of humour as Le Vee the philandering Frenchman takes on the ladies, wearing his trademark flaming red shorts, taking care of what he calls “public relations’.

Don’t miss this one! Keep your eye on the bookshops as this latest adventure will be out before you know it!

(P.S. it will also be available as an ebook on Amazon. Paul Zunckel is a virtually untapped load of talent, writing in the African adventure genre – so publishers take note! This author is going places!)

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