If that is the case, then they are doing a great job! The frustration level, globally as well as locally is very high; not least of which is mine and Brenda, my partner’s.

I think our president and his various advisers are doing a great job in controlling the spread of Covid 19, especially regarding the great numbers of poor people in our country, who experience great difficulty with social distancing.

However, there are some questions that particularly plague us.

Why do we need a curfew? What good does that do? Wearing masks in public, washing hands are fine with me. they definitely protect us and others, and help control the spread; but the curfew? We cannot go anywhere anyway. Are we more likely to go to an illegal shebeen or visit friends when it is dark? Don’t treat us like children! We know the risks of infringing the rules.

Why open shops that sell cellphones and electronic gadgets and baby clothes and not open restaurants with severe restrictions? as they are doing in the US.

Alcohol restrictions I can understand as the less sensible members of our population will definitely take more risks when under the influence and the crime level will go up. We can stay teetotal for a while longer.

Why not open bookshops, libraries and music and video stores? Restrictions can be put in place to restrict densification.

#Why close all recreation areas such as #beaches and parks. There is a risk attached to opening such areas, but there is also a great risk to mental health if you don’t. Restrictions on these sorts of freedoms can cause frustration, a great sense of loneliness, lack of sleep and consequently increased use of tranquillisers, sleeping pills and the like.

There seems to be a severe shortage of common sense by our political leaders when it comes to these issues.

I know there is a delicate balance to be found with these decisions, but I am sure these things can be improved.

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