Based on blockchain philosophy and technology the New South Africa organisation is already attracting attention. It is totally non-political. It is not a political party. It is non-racist, capitalistic, it comprises a group of indiduals, linked by blockchain information technology and complete trust in one’s fellow members. Integrity is the cornerstone of the system and all appointments into the system are based solely on merit. It supports freedom of speech; It vehemently opposes all forms of cronyism, xenophobia, BEE and cadre deployment, gang affiliation and violence. Its central tenet and philosophy is to DO GOOD FOR PEOPLE. Its primary target is to get rid of the ANC! as soon as possible to stop destruction of the country.

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A thought that comes to mind when pondering such a weighty question is – why are most of the world’s leaders such scoundrels and why were all the good presidents assassinated or rapidly voted out of power? – and the answer is because political leaders almost always are pursuing self-interest, supported by unscrupulous people.

Examples of good leaders who suffered such a fate include Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Thabo Mbeki, and Nelson Mandela; (who admittedly was initially a terrorist, but after his release from prison was one of the founding fathers of the 1994 supposedly democratic New South Africa); despite his many detractors.

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Unfortunately, the saying; ‘ Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ tends to come true only too often, meaning that after the initial honeymoon period; promises to the electorate turn out to be false promises, the trappings of power such as prestige, money, a luxury lifestyle and all the other benefits that rulers enjoy take over the minds of the leaders; and invariably, the rot sets in. The promises fly out the window and autocratic rule takes over, which includes evils such as abuse of power, cronyism, perverted behaviour, risky foreign policy and nepotism; which often then lead to economic failure, fiscal indiscipline and risks of war; civil or international.

The leading democratic countries in the world today are the USA, Britain, France, Italy, and Russia, so just look at how their leaders are behaving and you can draw your own conclusions!

This is exactly what happened and is still happening, here in South Africa. The ANC regime changed from a revolutionary group of self-styled reformers, who were initially intent on saving the country from the evils of Apartheid and colonialism then transitioned into a totally autocratic gang of criminals who only cared about stealing and breaking all that South Africa’s forbears had created since 1652 onwards; culminating in almost total collapse of the economy, the transport system, the energy system, industry, the judiciary and law and order in a country that had previously been the envy of the civilised world.

The ANC is rapidly disintegrating into a toothless group of incompetent, uneducated criminally driven losers who will definitely be unable to secure the necessary majority of 50% plus in the general election in May 2024.

Therefore, the country’s future lies in government by coalition, post the election.

To my mind; if we look at current polling results, the options are narrowing down to a couple of possible outcomes:

A – a coalition between the DA, the leader of the opposition, and the ANC; together with several smaller parties, such as the PA, Inkatha, the Freedom Front plus Maimane’s Build One South Africa party, Herman Mashaba’s Action SA and others.

B. – A coalition between the ANC and the EFF, (that, according to the polls, is unlikely to get more than 12% of the vote); will probably lose, due to the conservative nature of the bulk of the South African voters who, by various accounts, now only want a government that will allow them to live normal lives, be educated properly, have a job, live decently with a reliable energy source and sanitation, where their families can be sure of law and order and protection from criminal elements.

They will certainly not be assured of those things under a government that the EFF is part of. It’s a good bet that, due to Malema’s charisma, he will dominate the coalition, and take control over the ANC. Thereafter the outcome is predictable.

The EFF is a communistically/socialistically oriented party; totally dominated by the charismatic LOOSE CANNON MALEMA. who stands for a totalitarian future under himself, ruling by decree, under which no one will own anything, unless approved by Malema and his puppet followers. who will own all the land, all communication systems, all industry, the harbours, the banking system etc. They will be in total control of the military and the police force and the population will be in constant fear of being arrested, interrogated and tortured.

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If you take Malema out of the picture; there is no EFF. The parallels between Malema, Hitler and Stalin are startling!

A future under individuals who want to see in South Africa, a scenario where everyone can live happily, under the blockchain system is a wonderfully rosy vision; but I fear that even if it’s possible, it will take a long time before it can effectively change the country’s future.

The other ridiculous situation prevailing right now in the country is that both Zuma WITH HIS EXTREMELY MURKY PAST and John Steenhuizen, leader of the DA and the opposition coalition are PROMISING TO SAVE SOUTH AFRICA FROM THE ANC, – REALLY? in the election in May if the ‘Missing Middle’ voters (mostly young, comprising 10% of the electorate), who are sitting on the fence, opting not to vote) vote for change in South Africa; in other words to KICK OUT THE ANC; then either option A or option B will come into play.

My money is on option A. My fingers and toes are crossed and my only hope is that the South African voter will firstly go to the polls and vote, because not voting is a vote for the ANC. Secondly, I hope that the majority of votes will go to the DA-led centrist opposition. To quote Rob Hersov – Whoever you vote for – ‘VOTE FOR CHANGE!’ because, otherwise – Zimbabwe – Here we come!

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