The nation, and particularly the ANC, seems to be in a state of paralysis after recent and current events in the country.

Two State Capture reports have been released so far; and even though they have the legal right to take action against alleged perpetrators of State Capture, the NPA has arrested no one important and Ramaphosa is dilly dallying as usual, trying to find reasons to delay matters further, pending the releaseof the final report. The economy is still in freefall and criminality, particularly vehicle hijackings and attacks on cash in transport vehicles, and drive-by murders are rampant. WHY AREN’T THE PERPETRATORS IN JAIL YET?

It appears that in Gauteng and Khayelitsha, motorists no longer stop at robots; fearing that a criminal will smash their car window, grab all the cellphones and other valuables and then either kick the occupants out onto the road or kidnap them and drive off with the family members inside.

Magashule, a long-standing member of the ANC ‘rogues gallery,’ says he is ready to go to court – to what end? I ask. He will be backed by a team of high-priced defence lawyers who will push for a postponement. What else is new? and as usual, the taxpayer; you and I, will have to foot the bill!

Ramaphosa is now trying to dodge the issue of unemployment by saying that it is not the state’s responsibility to create employment. That is absolute nonsense, considering that it is mostly due to the state’s incompetent handling of the country’s financial freefall that caused the downfall of the economy and the resultant lack of jobs, in the first place. What a cop-out!

When is Cyril going to FALL ON HIS SWORD as he dramatically promised? meaning he would not reveal the unlawful actions of his fellow ANC members. My question is: Is this the kind of statement a president should be making? It clearly reinforces what everyone with half a brain is thinking – that RAMAPHOSA PUTS HIS ANC COLLEAGUES BEFORE HIS PEOPLE!.He will let South Africa fall to its knees before he will betray his alleged criminal buddies in the ANC. I ask again – WHAT KIND OF PRESIDENT IS THAT?

Ramaphosa is holding the largest portion of his electorate to ransome; in that the poor, sick and disposessed are so scared of losing their miniscule grants that they won’t vote against him because if they do, they will starve.

Perhaps he is employing delaying tactics to give himself time to plan his own exit strategy from the office of president, and perhaps even the country, before the forces in opposition to his rule force him out willy-nilly.

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