Up to now, there has been an obvious parallel to be drawn between South Africa’s collapsing status regarding its economy, burgeoning crime, corruption and extreme poverty in this; the most unequal country in the world; and Zimbabwe. However; more recently; particularly regarding political maneuvering ahead of 2024’s national elections, a more accurate and appropriate picture is emerging when one compares SA with Mexico.

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Kevin Brandt of Eyewitness News has stated that every coal powered power station in the country has been infiltrated by criminal syndicates. If true, this is a shocking revelation which bodes very poorly for the future of Eskom and the national power grid.

By all accounts, Mexico’s government is totally under the control of the drug cartels . Thus the country is being ruled by criminal syndicates; fuelled by the drug trade; which could be likened to the rapidly developing scenario in South Africa.

I am absolutely sure that many businesses in South Africa are failing and closing their doors as we speak. This is very bad for the economy, the unemployment rate and the morale of the man on the street.

Surely it’s time for senior members of the ruling party to do some serious clearing out of deadwood cadres who talk big, and continue make excuses for the government’s failure to achieve goals to stop the downward slide into a communistic type scenario where there is no growth or development. (What government?) Obviously the poor will continue to get poorer; that is a given, but even those in the government ranks should be starting to get nervous about the future of themselves and their families. Surely the senior cadres should stop thinking about stashing away riches for today and start doing some forward planning?

A number of things are allowing Ramaphosa to stay in place as leader of the ANC and probably president. They are:

Continuing cadre deployment and support. This ensures that the ANC hierarchy that are in charge of everything in the country will continue to rape the nation’s coffers with impunity.

The cadres will continue trying to maintain the status quo, with no thought for the millions of people on the ground, who by continuing to pay lip service to the government’s continuous lies and diversionary tactics to keep the ignorant populace in the dark as to what is really happening; particularly the power situation; still hope that by some miracle, matters will resolve themselves. However; the truth is that those who are aware of what’s happening know that; This “ostrich with its head in the sand blindness” will very soon stop working as the whole infrastructure will implode and there will be nothing left!

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Members of minority population groups are already leaving the country in droves, due to the fact that they see no future here. This “brain drain” will continue; as more and more people will see their businesses failing as there will be no power grid to rely on.

This will suit the majority population group; many of whom see the decline in members of minority population groups as a positive thing, as it will give the majority group more power to run things their way. However; what such ostriches fail to see is that by then, the country will be in a state of complete anarchy; if not outright civil war, which will also mean THAT THERE WILL NO MORE MONEY TO STEAL!

So, the minority, capitalistically oriented citizens are already starting to see that as living conditions continue to deteriorate; families, in particular will come to realise that if they start preparing now, they can still offer family members a chance to have a better life in a country outside Africa.

On the other hand, the two conservative commentators on youtube’s Morning Shot commentary; Ramon and his sidekick Byron have an alternative view on what is happening in our country today. To my mind and that of an increasing number of more wide-awake South Africans, these two guys are saying what everyone else seems too afraid to say. They don’t mince words and if anyone has a handle on what’s happening here , it’s these two guys. They unashamedly express their disgust with our so called government’s actions. They are a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of negativity we are forced to live in.

They say: don’t give-up on South Africa. Celebrate it because the ANC are rapidly destroying themselves and have lost all power in the country.

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We no longer have a government; but we should celebrate that, because despite the fact that conditions are extremely difficult regarding matters like power generation, increasing crime etc the ineffectual society we live in today is one of the least regulated countries in the world so this creates a huge opportunities for entrepeneurially minded people to create their own businesses with very little opposition in terms of taxation, excessive red tape, legal requirements etc. – the message is:


The state of the nation, as it stands today was graphically illustrated to me and my partner by the fact that we had to go back six times to the Home Affairs offices in Bredasdorp because of:

a) only one staff member in the office to process passport applications plus a security guard.

b) load shedding for two plus hours in the middle of the day. (they had a generator that hadn’t worked for 4 months and hadn’t been repaired – therefore no power to run the computers, nor lights etc.

c) Extreme rudeness and “don’t care’ attitude from staff members – who said they could do nothing to correct the situation because Home Affairs Department couldn’t supply them with a generator.

d) After load shedding was over, it took two and a half hours to reboot the computer system.

e) everything closed down at 3.30 p.m. because it was closing time? Really – have they never heard of OVERTIME? We were then told to come back at 8 a.m. the next day – with no guarantee that we would actually receive our passports the next day either???

The only possible future that minority group South Africans can hope for is the extremely unlikely scenario that our country will adopt a federal system of government, whereby each province can be entirely independent; supply its own power, policing, law and order structure etc.

As I said, in a loud voice when my partner and I eventually left the Home Affairs offices “GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY!”

STOP PRESS! – Black First Land First president Andile Mndxitama has just predicted that the ANC will lose the election in 2024 to a white-led coalition headed by John Steenhuizen of the DA party in opposition to the ANC; supported by the EFF under Julius Malema and Action SA under Herman Mashaba . In itself, this doesn’t mean all that much, but, viewed against the backdrop of persistent protests against the ANC’s feeble attempts to shift the electorate and national leaders attention away from the energy crisis; to me, it is a clear signal that national sentiment is generally indicating that there is a shift away from bedrock loyalty towards the ANC, and towards more liberal and forward thinking in favour of a concerted action to unseat the ANC power base, reform the country; reward talent, intelligence, a spirit of caring for your fellow man; and slowly rebuild it back to the ‘rainbow nation’ envisaged by Nelson Mandela which never came to fruition because the ANC messed it all up before it could even begin.

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