The meeting that was held in the last few days raises many questions and perhaps even a ray of hope for South Africa.

The one thing that is very clear is that more and more, South Africans are starting to realise that the ANC is not improving anyone’s lives at present, nor will that happen, going forward.

The majority of South Africans are becoming more and more “Gatvol” with the ANC’s corruption, protection and deployment of cadres, even though they are regularly found guilty of crime, complete failure to run the country with even a semblance of any concern for law and order or of the plight of 50% plus who do not have enough to eat, are unemployed; and above all, a complete failure to provide services to residents; who when ANC top brass, when taken to task, resort to blaming the DEAD AS A DODO excuses of being persecuted by Apartheid and Colonialism.

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The other question that comes to mind; assuming that the coalition manages to stay united throughout the run-up to the elections in June next year is that, in the likely event that the ANC does not achieve a 50% plus result in the election – will the opposition coalition collectively manage to outnumber the multiple coalitions that oppose it, in order to secure power?

This is truly a “watershed moment” in South Africa that appears to offer the best hope of overcoming the enormous problems we continue to face under ANC misrule; which we have been facing since 1994. It is an enormously important event in South Africa’s history. It is the first time since 1948 where there is a real possibility; indeed a likelihood, that a single autocratic political party under a single autocratic leader will no longer be able to wield power in our country.

First it was the Nats, followed by the ANC transition to so-called democratic rule in 1994 until today.

Now, with the prevailing worldwide tendency towards multiparty government, we, as a nation, have a chance to realise the dreams that were held by most South Africans at that time of achieving a truly democratic government; equal rights for all races and opportunities to grow and prosper. ANC policy has shown its complete inability to run the country for nearly 30 years.

The 2024 ELECTION is the last chance, we, as a country have, of breaking out of the morass we are sinking into; a chance to stop the rot and start the long road to real transformation – (not the the ANC version!) so eventually we can take our rightful place in the world, that we have progressively been moving away from since 1994 when the ANC took over.

Seven political leaders from widely varying parties, with widely differing policies signed a document committing their various parties to policies that are dedicated to removing the ANC government and keeping the EFF out of power at all costs; as well as to lift the country out of the cesspool it is rapidly declining towards, towards non-racialist, democratically – driven policies that will set us all on a path of growth and equal opportunities for all.

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It does now seem that there is now a concerted desire and desperate need to radically change the status quo by getting rid of the monsters who have been in charge for far too long.

ATTENTION THEYOUTH! – OPEN YOUR EYES! – CHANTING INFLAMMATORY SONGS IN STADIUMS IS NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU THE FUTURE YOU DESERVE – YOU ARE JUST PUPPETS OF A RUTHLESS LEFTIST RABBLE-ROUSING FACTION BENT ON DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY USING BURNING AND BREAKING AS TOOLS TO WRECK THE COUNTRY. The only way you will be able to get the future you deserve is to become properly educated and skilled so you will then be able to experience success in your life! Take hold of the reigns of your life instead of becoming CANNON FODDER FOR COMMUNISTS!

To the business leaders who have been hedging their bets for a long time by propping – up the criminal cadres who have been, and still are stealing the from the middle-class, as well as the poverty – stricken masses in order to maximize profits, I say – come clean; SEVER YOUR TIES WITH THE CRIMINAL CADRES THAT ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY and start supporting ALL THE PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY; which after will benefit everyone, from all levels of society.

I can only say to all South Africans – June 2024 is your chance to contribute via the ballot box and by democratic civil engagement to a new and better future!

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