The writing is on the wall! Zuma’s knuckle-walking followers are preparing to resuscitate this monster’s nefarious activities; so as to strengthen his power base, and allow this extremely dangerous man to foment a revolution against the existing government in South Africa. He and his followers are determined to destroy the status quo and the machinery of government; no holds barred.

The split in the ANC runs deep. Split between the ANC old guard of so called ‘revolutionery’ cadres and the burgeoning power of Zuma; no end to this rivalry is in sight,

Ramaphosa is losing his credibility fast and Zuma is well prepared to fill the gap because of his abject failure to deal with the Gupta- linked State Capture, which has wrecked our economy, the Covid pandemic and the pathetic efforts to rescuscitate South Africa’s power grid.

According to recent news reports, there are startling similarities between what’s happening in our country right now and what happened just before the insurgency that erupted in JULY 2021.

Apparently, there are large amounts of automatic weapons being stashed in unidentified shipping containers in Durban dockside areas. Also, security information about crime and insurgency type operations is being hacked by criminal syndicates.

Likewise, trucks are currently being attacked, looted and damaged on the N1 highway in KZN – just as they were just before the uprising in July last year. That was the first indication of the mass destruction that was soon to follow – and the motive;? not just greed, hunger and chaos; the major motive was:


Just the same motivation as what is happening today.

There are several options, we as a country can take:

  1. Let Zuma go free and stop the proceedings regarding prosecution of Zuma and many other alleged criminals; Magashule, etc … the list is extremely long! due to the latest findings arising from the last report of the Zondo Commission in other words, give in to the criminals who were or are supposed to be running this country – with massive backlash from the anti-Zuma camp.
  2. Lock him up again and let the law take its course – with massive backlash from the pro-Zuma camp.
  3. Kick out the ANC and hold a truly representative, multi-party democratically motivated congress and form a Government of National Unity (as in 1994/95) and start rebuilding the country into the ‘Rainbow Nation’ that was once envisaged (before the ANC bug*&%£ed it all up!) no more BEE, cadre deployment, nepotism etc – My choice, obviously!
  4. Do nothing and see our country fighting a civil war, which will achieve nothing but misery all round; and a further descent, in our fortunes, with South Africa going back to the Middle Ages, where, if we are lucky we will be able to go off the grid entirely and somehow survive by eking out a paltry existence, living off the land.
  5. Leave and become refugees ; looking for sanctuary in other lands; and watch from afar as our once beautiful country descends into ashes
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