If you look at pictures or movies or read about farm life it seems idyllic with its tranquillity, lazy restful days, surrounded by nature, mooing cows, the sound of birds, growing your own food and so on. However what is usually not mentioned is the adjustment that you have to make if you are ‘townies’ like us.

Idyllic – yes!, but it’s so quiet! Life slows down to a leisurely pace and you become conscious of the little things that you aren’t aware of in a city environment, the clear air, no traffic noise. I think one tends to #live ‘in the moment’ more than in a town or suburb. We are uniquely placed as our cabin is at the very top of the farm, so we have a panoramic view from our deck, and from inside as well, with windows all round.

The other thing is that though we are in the upper quadrant of our lives (seventies and fifties), we are not retired! by any means. We are mostly frantically busy, doing #proofreading and editing for our clients, interspersed by short periods where we have no work at all. This means that being #freelancers, we have to work harder than ever before in our lives when we have work; and then when we have a couple of days of freedom we tend to try and get away from the cabin, spoil ourselves a little, try to visit an area we haven’t seen before, and maybe have a meal in a restaurant.

Nevertheless, with the cost of living being so high in our country we have to watch the costs VERY CAREFULLY!

We are fortunate in that we live in an area that is not too remote; roughly half an hour away from the sea and the same distance from the city so we have the best of both worlds. When we need some action, we can still get to civilization quite quickly.

Any way, enough for now. Have to feed the cows, Ha, Ha!

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