Hi all. A couple of things have happened recently in the Hive. We are proud and happy to announce the launch of our new #English course that is totally FREE to all and sundry who are struggling with English, whether you are a pre-schooler whose parents want to help you with the absolute basics of English or a foreigner or indigenous language speaker trying to get to grips with this very complex and sometimes even annoyingly complicated language. To access the course just click on ‘courses’ at the top of the home page.

The other exciting news is that the family decided to swop town life for the peace and tranquillity of a tiny cabin in the mountains on a farm. We saw an ad for the cabin, saw some pictures that were intriguing, and phoned the owner. He answered our questions regarding pet friendliness, security arrangements on the farm etc. and within an hour or two we had concluded a deal. We couldn’t go and inspect the cabin as it was a great distance from where we were and very expensive petrol-wise, so we had to take it ‘sight unseen’

We gave notice to our landlord, said goodbye to all our friends and within a month were on our way. Happy, our cross-breed Maltese/spaniel/brakkie … you name it! was perched on top of our luggage, Taffy, our cheeky Yorkie was on my lap on the front seat, and off we went. We decided to take a detour along a minor road because of the horrendous toll charges and because the toll operators did not accept our credit card. Thus, we ended up on a remote road, , that had a single track, only allowing one car to pass at a time, deep in a densely forested area.

However, after an hour or so, we got back onto a normal road. Our gps worked fine and we arrived at the farm in the late afternoon. The cabin was charming, although somewhat primitive, comprising one room, with a screened off bathroom inside, and a kitchen partially enclosed on the wooden deck, open to a howling wind and freezing cold.

Our new landlord made jokes, saying that we had brought the bad weather with us, and that it was the worst storm they had experienced since they bought the farm nine years before.

The next thing, a tree fell onto a power line, which caused a general power blackout in the area, which meant not only that we were in darkness, but also that we had no water for a day and a night because there was no power to pump water up to our cabin.

I am going to stop here, as every time we travel anywhere, our workload suddenly increases and we are inundated with proofreading work, so I must go and do some work now.

Watch this space for the next instalment!

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