Malema has stated publicly that opposition parties are now not only calling for Ramaphosa to step aside as President; they are aiming to impeach him. What is even more staggering is that the president is quite arrogant about not being “bullied” into vacating the office of president; nor will he admit to any wrongdoing in respect of his blatantly hiding millions of dollars on his Phala Phala farm.

South Africa is looking more and more like a banana republic every day.

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News reports are indicating that Eskom is rapidly losing control over the power utiity. No matter how much they promise that the power supply is being brought under control; the truth that is obvious to many South Africans, is that uncontrolled BLACKOUTS (let’s call a spade a spade for once) are going to continue for years and that RIGHT NOW, businesses are closing their doors; directly or indirectly caused by such BLACKOUTS! Load shedding is just a euphemism to try and soft soap the people into believing that Eskom has any real control over the electricity supply. Why, in view of the millions of unemployed in our country, doesn’t Eskom employ such people to provide security at power stations to stop the vandalism or employ them at a cost of living related salary to be trained in power maintenance technology, so they can assist with maintaining the power stations properly.

What is stoking the fires of insurrection rapidly is the growing numbers of businesses that will continue to close their doors because of the shocking increases in the price of fuel and electricity, hijackings of bulk transport trucks and the price of food. All these increases can be laid at the ANCs door; not to mention attempts to tax alternative sources of fuel; especially solar. To install a solar panel or panels at your home or business is already prohibitively expensive; so how on earth does this government expect households and businesses to take on an additional tax burden on top of the installation cost! It is really starting to look like the government WANTS BUSINESSES TO FAIL!

Despite Karl Niehaus’s much publicised march on Luthuli House (very scanty news reports on this) and Malema’s prediction of a national shutdown by workers on Monday – the latter never happened – both of these predicted SO-CALLED ‘REVOLUTIONARY‘ actions turned out to be ‘damp squibs’.

Nevertheless the large numbers of court cases and protest actions that are taking place indicates that SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS ARE NOT HAPPY and such actions and attempts to unseat the ANC goverment and Ramaphosa in particular, are not going to stop! So – REMEMBER JULY 2021 – IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN! SURE AS NUTS! So; get ready for the next insurrection – no food in the shops; more violence and crime, more companies biting the bullet … the list goes on and on!

An interesting sidelight on Khayelitsha; on a brighter note; is that observers say that, despite the terrible crime and murder rate and extortion in the area, there are many well-educated, productive and successful small business owners in Khayalitsha, who are trying their best to foster community development and harmony, despite the central and local government’s dismal performance in service delivery, fighting crime and supplying financial help for local development and growth.

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Beware! Crime is on the increase!

Ramaphosa and ANC; It’s time for you to ‘walk the plank’ before your own people keelhaul you.

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Stop – Press – Anc structures demanding that ANC must expel Ramaphosa!

This is not a request, or a suggestion. This is a demand from Cyril’s erstwhile comrades; and furthermore, they say they will undertake a nationwide mass march demanding Ramaphosa’s removal from office if these demands are not met.

STOP PRESS 24 10 2022 President Ramaphosa’s visit to The KZN Provincial conference is a risky move on his part, as the KZN ANC members are to a great extent supporting Zuma (Surely he is supposed to be in jail right now instead of cozying up to KZN voters by showing support for Jessie Duarte’s passing) – Just Saying! Ramaphosa can suck up to the electorate as much as he likes; but the Phala Phala debacle is still lying heavily on people’s minds at the moment; you might have to go and enjoy your millions at Phaal Phala or elsewhere Mr President – I am sure you have lots of other ‘hidey holes’ if you are kicked out by your so-called cadres.

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