Wow, Mr Malema has so many targets to attack!

However, I think he should stop thinking about attacking individuals and start thinking about saving the economy.

One thing I agree with Malema about is the incompetence that has been displayed by the ruling party in our country over the last 27 years; and that seems to be getting worse not better.

SONAs should be renamed SOSOs “Same Old Same Old”. Nothing changes! Many of my friends don’t even bother to watch the SONAs any more because they know that it is all about pretty speeches, “pie in the sky” visions of “super cities” sprouting fynbos” and false promises. We are so far away from taking advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa that it’s a joke to even mention it. People just don’t believe in the promises any more. This speaks volumes about the direction the country is going in.

Vendettas and racism are still alive and well in South Africa. They offer perfect targets for politicians to attack to advance their personal ambitions. The problem is that if things continue as they are, there will be no country to fight over.

The other thing I want to say is that I don’t believe that the minorities in our country even care about racism. The racist talk is mostly coming from the majority racial group in our country as they try to shift the blame onto white people for the incompetence of central government and local government, leading to wholesale theft of funds that are supposed to benefit “OUR PEOPLE” which our president constantly and laughably refers to.

It’s fantastic that our vaccination programme has actually started, spearheaded by our President. However, that public relations exercise may make you look good Mr President, and may help to encourage people to get vaccinated – but that’s not going to solve the rest of our problem graphically described by the EFF leader and the leader of the opposition John Steenhuizen. these two leaders as well as the leader of the Freedom Front Plus and many others are all united in the sense that they are all singing the same tune; trying to get the message across – – OUR COUNTRY IS IN CRISIS!, and by this I don’t mean Corona. You need to meet the challenges head on instead of painting pretty pictures of how wonderful you say our country is; in the following ways:

  • Arrest and punish the corruptors, no matter how high up they are in the heirarchy.
  • Support the judiciary! We have a great constitution but it’s useless if it is not implemented.
  • Don’t protect the criminals – lock them up. They are crippling our country.
  • Stop worshipping the so- called leaders in the ruling party. They are out for what they can get and they don’t care about the hard working people of our country.
  • Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes by spouting about “structures”, “command councils”, “lekgotlas” and all the other jargon that is used to bamboozle the electorate.
  • We have heard enough talk. Show us some action! the people are getting restless. The ANC is showing enormous cracks in their system. Its just not working! The party is over. Your little “power club” needs to stop dancing around and dreaming about vague notions that you think will save the country.
  • Serious action needs to be taken against Zuma. He is blatantly attempting to hijack South Africa by totally insulting the Constitutional Court and the judiciary framework; knowing full well that the constitution is THE CORNERSTONE OF OUR DEMOCRACY! How much power does this man have? If he is powerful enough to topple the ANC leadership then the mind boggles at the consequences.

I can’t help thinking that we are probably better-off with the ineffectual Ramaphosa in charge than one of the radical opposition leaders. (You know who they are).

John Steenhuizen had it exactly right when he quoted The Beatles song “nowhere man”.

Mr Ramaphoza – you are a “nowhere man, sitting in your nowhere land, making all your nowhere plans – for nobody”.

Sad! isn’t it?

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